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BonChon Restaurant

1075 Westford St
Lowell, MA
- 141.5 mi.
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BonChon Restaurant

Korean fried chicken is one of that country's most important (and delicious) culinary exports, and when you're looking for the freshest and the tastiest of it all, just look for the Bonchon Restaurant. From humble beginnings, the founder shared his passion for the best tasting fried chicken, and now with more locations than ever before, this tasty comfort food has taken the country by storm. At this fabulous location in Lowell, hungry diners will find a contemporary and welcoming d├ęcor that is bright and comfortable, a full-service bar including terrific specialty cocktails, and a menu filled with tasty eats that are too good to miss. Always made-from-scratch and cooked-to-order, you don't get fried chicken any fresher or tastier. Pick from wings, drumsticks or strips, then choose your sauce - after that, just sit back and relax and let the talented kitchen crew prepare your feast. There's plenty more on the menu, just in case you're not in the mood for chicken. Try starters like the fabulous Potstickers or the Seafood Scallion Pancake, then try other all-time favorites like the Bulgogi, Chicken Katsu or the Bibimbob. Also be sure to check out their outstanding lunch specials (weekdays from 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.) and feast on a full meal for a really great price. The next time you're craving flavor and plain old fried chicken just won't do, head to Bonchon and after just one bite, you'll become a fan of their fantastic dishes!

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